Rolf Kulawik, Managing Director at Ruthmann to Retire

Rolf Kulawik, who has served as CEO and then Managing Director (after Time’s acquisition of Ruthmann in 2021) for more than a decade, will retire from his role in early July of 2022 and will be succeeded by 28 year veteran Uwe Strotmann.

Curt Howell, Time Manufacturing Company CEO, said, “Having worked with Uwe over the last several years, even before our Ruthmann acquisition, I am extremely confident in his leadership ability.  With him we are well-positioned to move forward. Rolf has been an excellent partner, and we are grateful for the work he has done, and for his ongoing support of the company.”

Rolf Kulawik joined Ruthmann in 2009 as Service Manager, becoming the company’s General Manager and senior executive in 2010. He has led the company through profitable growth and acquisitions, gaining recognition as a leading quality brand in Europe. Under Mr. Kulawik’s leadership, Ruthmann acquired the Reachmaster and Bluelift/Ecoline brands. In a recent Vertikal article Mr Strotmann said, “We owe Rolf Kulawik the uninterrupted success of the last 13 years and are glad that he will continue to be associated with Ruthmann and will be available to us in an advisory capacity. ”

Mr. Strotman, who began his career at Ruthmann in 1994, has held top leadership positions including Managing Director of Ruthmann Austria, Board Member at Ruthmann Italy, President of Ruthmann North America and most recently as President of Ruthmann Switzerland. According to Mr. Kulawik, “ With Uwe Strotmann, an experienced manager is taking over my role. He stands for the success of Ruthmann and thus ensures continuity.” In addition to his new leadership role at Ruthmann, Mr. Strotman will replace Mr. Kulawik on the Time Manufacturing Company board.

Time Manufacturing Company continues to execute upon its global growth plan which has seen the company experience significant profitable growth, both domestically and internationally.