Time Manufacturing Company is committed to transparency and strong corporate governance.  

The company’s Board of Directors oversees the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management in the competent and ethical operation of the company on a day-to-day basis and assures that the long-term interests of shareholders and customers are being served. To satisfy the Board’s duties, directors are expected to take a proactive, focused approach to their positions, and set standards to ensure that the company is committed to business success through the maintenance of high standards of responsibility and ethics.

Unique to the guidance of Mr. Howell, CEO, Time Manufacturing Company has instituted a metric driven transparency policy whereby all drivers to sustainability and success of the firm are clearly communicated to stakeholders on a regular basis.  Beyond Board of Directors meetings, Policy Committee Meetings, and Board Operational Reviews, the company has instituted a daily communication where all orders, customers, manufacturing metrics, and operations are discussed and actionable directives are instituted.  This ensures that sustainability, growth, and fiscal stability are at the forefront of managements activity.

The company has instituted policies of Conduct, Bylaws, Accounting, and Conflict that are updated regularly to support both internal and external stakeholders.

Management Review and Planning

The company’s Board of Directors oversees the plan and growth strategy of the company in which it constantly updates the strategic growth plan in a manner that is consistent with profitable growth, both domestic and internationally.  Partnerships and Agreements are designed to ensure that customers experience the most reliable and safest products from the company for the foreseeable future.


The company and its Board of Directors believes that it retains the responsibility to help grow efficiency, value and safety for its customers.  Parts Replacement, First Time Quality, Warranty, and Manufacturing Recall metrics are reviewed on a daily basis and are currently stand as the best in the industry.

Management Review and Succession Planning

The Board of Directors conducts evaluation of the performance of all key employees, and executive officers, including the CEO.  The Board utilized this review in the course of its deliberations to conduct performance, compensation, and safety reviews. The Board also reviews CEO performance to ensure that the CEO is providing effective leadership.  Further the Board periodically considers and retains policy designed to ensure fiscally responsible succession planning for all senior management including the CEO.

Safety Record

The business of Time Manufacturing Company works with internal human resource, ANSI, OSHA, and international Safety Boards to ensure a safe work environment. To this note, the company immediately reports all injuries to the guiding regulatory committees across all of its worldwide locations.

Inclusion and Diversity

Time Manufacturing Company believes in Equal Opportunities for all people.  To this note, we have instituted policies to ensure that we include women leaders, depend on contributions from diverse teams, both multi generational, and from members of historically underrepresented groups (Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander).  We are proud to support and hire veterans, and seek to equalize pay across members of all races, religions, sex, and gender identity. Our diversity goals extend to both from our suppliers and to our sales channel.