Corporate Snapshot


Time Manufacturing is a leading global manufacturer of vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks, bucket trucks, and bridge inspection equipment.

  • Through its strong Versalift, Ruthmann, BlueLift, BrandFX, and Aspen Aerials, France Elévateur, and Movex brands, it is widely recognized for quality, value, and innovation.
  • The company has a strong track record of consistent high quality and strong product development and engineering capabilities
  • The company is a market leader in the key Telecom and Electric Utility Distribution end markets
  • Comprehensive portfolio of aerial lift products with various platform capacities and vertical reach allows workers and technicians to safely operate at heights from 20 to greater than 300 feet with material handling capacities of up to 2000 lbs
  • Manufacturing operations across the world, with global network of distribution/upfitting facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia 
  • Deep and loyal customer base of telecom and cable companies, electric utilities and municipal authorities accessed through a diverse go-to-market channel mix to meet steady, replacement demand

Global Reach


Time Manufacturing Company has principal US Headquarters is in Waco, TX, and International Headquarters in Farso, Denmark. These locations provide:

  • Proximity to key suppliers
  • Strong transport network to both domestic and international markets
  • Farso, Denmark provides assembly and manufacturing operations for international markets
  • Time Manufacturing leverages an extensive network of domestic and international Company-owned distributors, providing broad market access
  • Deep technical knowledge with teams composed of experienced engineers to ensure highest standards of design and performance
  • Broad geographic footprint with proximity to key suppliers along with company-owned distribution footprint provide strong barriers to entry
  • In the U.S., third-party distribution channels provide comprehensive market coverage through long-standing relationships and brand awareness
  • Time Manufacturing Company and Xuji Electric, a subsidiary of State Electric Grid of China, have established a Joint Venture (JV) to serve the Chinese market.

Corporate Structure

Time Manufacturing Company sells aerial lifts through Direct Sales Unit, through Company owned distribution, and through Third Party Distribution.  Time Manufacturing’s Aspen Aerial Unit manages manufacturing, assembly, and world-wide distribution through its Duluth Minnesota facility.

The company has company-owned facilities across North America and Europe that are uniquely designed to facility all aspects of client needs.  With uplifting/assembly, repair, maintenance, and sales all handled under one roof.  Lift Manufacturing prior to upfit to vehicle chassis is handled out the the company’s world class facilities in Waco, Texas and Farso, Denmark shipping units domestically in USA and across Europe respectively.  Each facility also designates a certain number of units to ship to the more than 60 countries served.

late in 2018, Time Manufacturing through its Versalift Brand established a landmark joint venture with Xuji Electric, a subsidiary of State Electric Grid Corporation. The American bucket truck manufacturer and the Chinese energy giant will work together to develop an insulated aerial lift factory in China in order to manufacture and assemble bucket trucks to be distributed throughout the Chinese market and to other countries in the region. This joint venture agreement is evergreen, and will result in thousands of additional Versalift aerial lifts produced annually.

Time Manufacturing Company is particularly proud of their relationships with their Third Party Distributors.  Unique in the industry these distribution relationships allow Versalift Aerial Lifts to be shipped to and mounted to chassis across more locations around the world. Additionally, these agreements allow the company’s products to be serviced and maintained at more than 300 locations around the world.



Time Manufacturing is in rapid growth mode both inside and outside of the United States. The company is rapidly growing its market share with clients in the Telecommunications, Electric Utility, Sign, Light, Traffic, Forestry and Bridge Inspection industries.  Significant aquisitions have led to increased profitability and a vastly better balanced footprint across the Central and Southeastern United States.


Global Presence

Time Manufacturing Company is growing. The company has corporate run facilities around the world that feature more than millions of square feet of manufacturing space, more than 2600 employees, and in upwards of 300 service centers. Time Manufacturing Company continues to develop international relationships through its Latin American, European and ROW International sales groups. Unique to the industry, the company sells through 3rd Party Distributors in more than 63 countries. Time Manufacturing Company has an evergreen relationship with XJ Electric, a subsidiary of the China State Grid to manufacture, upfit and distribute Aerial Lifts for the rapidly growing economy of China.

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Aerial Lifts Brands

Time Manufacturing Company’s brands Versalift, Ruthmann, Bluelift France Elévateur , and Movex manufacturer of vehicle-mounted and compact aerial lifts ranging from 29’ to over 300’ of vertical reach. The company also manufactures a full line of cable placer vehicles and digger derricks. Serving aerial lift customers across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa through a global network of wholly-owned distributors, and 3rd party distributors, the company sells to and service major electric utility distribution, generation (wind), telecommunications providers, other fleet organizations, government entities, cooperatives, municipalities and contractors.

Under Bridge Inspection

Time Manufacturing Company’s bridge inspection unit is called Aspen Aerials. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Aspen Aerials is the market-leading bridge inspection equipment manufacturer in North America. Offering a line of seven models of bridge inspection truck, the company predominantly works with government entities, bridge engineering companies, railroads and fleet rental organizations. Founded in 1995, Aspen Aerials has dominated its market by building bridge inspection equipment that does not require outriggers. This advantage allows greater efficiency and less restriction of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Aspen Aerials is currently focused on expanding into several European markets.

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About Us

The story of Time Manufacturing Company is one of growth, innovation and international expansion. The company was officially founded in 1968 in Waco, TX, and began working with Michigan Bell and major telecommunications companies in 1972. Time Export was founded in Farso, Denmark in 1985, and the nineties brought company-owned distributors in the UK, France and BeNeLux region. Time Manufacturing has a rich history of innovation that has repeatedly shaped the aerial lift industry in North America and beyond. For example, the Articulated Telescopic Aerial Lift, which is ubiquitous now, was invented in our building. Time Manufacturing Company is building upon its history of growth and innovation to continue expanding internationally. With a broad line of market-leading bucket trucks, cable placers, digger derricks and bridge inspection equipment, the future is very bright for our company.

Truck Bodies

BrandFX has manufactured advanced composite service bodies, line bodies, toppers, and other fiberglass components for specialty equipment.  The company has a decades long reputation for making truck bodies that often outlive their chassis.  Now known as “BrandFX, a Time Manufacturing Company,” the Fort Worth, Texas based manufacturer will continue to serve fleets in telecommunications, electric utility, sign and light, municipal and other service body applications, both at home and abroad. The acquisition will expand and enhance each company’s ability to deliver the most reliable aerial lifts, digger derricks, cable placers and service bodies in the industry.  Both BrandFX and Time Manufacturing Company/Versalift are known for their lightweight, durable equipment that results in a lower true cost of ownership.

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