1965 – Time Manufacturing Company is established in Clifton, Texas, building a 24กว articulated

truck mounted aerial device for the telecommunications market.

1967 – Time Manufacturing Company moves to Waco, Texas.

1972 – Time Manufacturing Company introduces the Tel 24/28, the first small telescopic aerial device, which has become and remained the standard for the telecommunications business.

1976 – Time Manufacturing Company enters the Electric Utility industry, selling taller, insulated aerial lifts.

1977 – Time Manufacturing Company begins selling Versalift vehicle-mounted aerial lifts internationally: to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

1985 – Time Manufacturing enters the forestry and tree trimming industry by designing the VO-50. This is the companyกฏs first foray into forestry and the first time that Time Manufacturing has built a 50กว lift.

1987 – Time Manufacturing Company introduces the VN-50, the companyกฏs first insulated device reaching higher than 50กว.

1989 – Time Manufacturing Company introduces the VST-40, the worldกฏs first telescopic articulated truck-mounted aerial device. This product advancement revolutionizes the truck mounted aerial lift industry. To this day, Time Manufacturing continues to build VST models that range in height from 36กว to over 100กฏ.

1990 – Time Manufacturing Company purchases Calavar Corporation, a manufacturer of high-reach aerial devices and self-propelled booms, in Santa Fe Springs, California. Calvalar will be renamed Time Condor Corporation in 1997.

1991 – Calavar Corporation moves from Santa Fe Springs, CA to join Time Manufacturing at the companyกฏs primary fabrication facility in Waco, Texas.

1992 – Time Manufacturing Company establishes an international sales facility in Farso, Denmark.

1994 – Versalift UK is founded and becomes the Exclusive Versalift Dealer for the United

Kingdom and Ireland. This is the first company-owned distributor.

1995 – Time Manufacturing purchases the Texoma Digger Derrick product line from Reedrill in

Sherman, Texas.

1996 – Time Manufacturing Company introduces the SST-37, the first small articulated telescopic aerial device built expressly for the telecommunications market.

2000 – Versalift Southwest is founded and appointed exclusive distributor for Texas, becoming the first Company-owned distributor in the United States.

2001 – Time France is founded and appointed exclusive Versalift distributor for France.

2003 – Time Manufacturing Company establishes Time Denmark, Time Benelux and Time Deutschland to sell products directly to clients across Northern Europe.

2006 – Versalift East is established and appointed exclusive Versalift distributor for Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and parts of New York.

2009 – Time Rental & Leasing is incorporated and established at a facility opened in Canton, Ohio.

2011 – Time Manufacturing Company enters the used equipment market with the creation of Utility Truck Trader.

2012 – Time Manufacturing Company incorporates and establishes Versalift Northwest, LLC in Salem, Oregon, an exclusive distributor for the Pacific Northwest.

2013 – Time Manufacturing Company introduces a new line of Heavy Duty Elevators for 50กฏ and over aerial lifts. Heavy Duty Elevators have the ability to increase existing lift heights up to an additional 33กฏ.

2015 – Time Manufacturing Company Celebrates 50 years of success, stability and growth in business. That same year, Time Manufacturing introduces its line of Cable Placing Lifts and its Skybird and Phoenix High-Reach Lifts.

2017 – The Sterling Group acquires Time Manufacturing Company. Also, TruGuardข็, the game-changing safety innovation for insulated aerial lifts, is released.

2018 – Time Manufacturing completes five acquisitions and experiences significant international growth.


  • the company establishes wholly-owned distributor Versalift Southeast through the acquisition of MAP Enterprises in North Carolina, and O G Hughes & Sons in Tennessee.

  • Versalift Midwest is established through the purchase of longtime third party distributor Cannon Truck Equipment.

  • Versalift Forestry is established, through the acquisition of TrueCo Inc, of Shelby, NC.

  • Time Manufacturing also purchases Aspen Aerials, the North American market leader in bridge inspection equipment, based in Duluth, Minnesota.


  • Time Manufacturing Company makes news with a major agreement with Xuji Electric, a subsidiary of State Electric Grid of China, to establish an aerial lift manufacturing facility in country to serve the Chinese market.

  • Also, Time Manufacturing Company creates an agreement through which it will share in the ownership of a China-based Versalift distributor, in order to serve the booming demand for telecommunications and electric power infrastructure maintenance equipment in the worldกฏs fastest growing economy.